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Welcome to The Regenerative – The Central West’s Rehabilitation and Regenerative specialists

The Regenerative is an environmental consultancy firm, based in Mudgee NSW focused on ecosystem regeneration. Our passion is landscape rehabilitation, regenerative agriculture, soil health and environmental stewardship which we implement through various regenerative practices.


The Regenerative, led by principal advisor Josh Frappell, provides clients across diverse industries and backgrounds with practical advice and on ground services in which enable their natural landscapes to regenerate using practical and efficient methods.

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About Josh

The Regenerative’s principal advisor Josh Frappell has more than fifteen years of environmental and regenerative experience, working with clients across diverse fields including small-scale agricultural enterprises, viticulture, roads and maritime, national parks and other government bodies and civil entities.


Previously working in the capacity as an environmental consultant, coordinator and a Rehabilitation Specialist, Josh has been able to develop, manage and implement numerous environmental and regenerative programs across NSW.


Recently completing his Post Graduate Certificate in Regenerative Agriculture, Josh prides himself with practical regenerative advise, farm planning and positive outcomes for clients and the ecosystem.



Josh holds a philosophy which encompasses that all things are connected and serve purpose in our ecosystem. Its identifying and re-enabling these connections that lead to a more holistic status and outcome. Josh’s passion is regeneration and environmental rehabilitation, particularly landscape and soil health, nutrition and holistic management.

‘Personally and professionally, I love what I do, whether it be working with like minded clients, continual expansion of mindset, challenging landscapes and projects all with an aim to regenerate nature and enable her systems to naturally function’


The Regenerative was tasked with overseeing a million-dollar state-funded environmental and biosecurity program, and Josh demonstrated exceptional project management skills. His capability to successfully execute the program within the specified timeframe, budget constraints, and incorporate additional elements seamlessly reflects both his and the company's unwavering dedication and expertise.

Senior Projects Officer

Government Agency

“The selling point for me was Josh's true passion for all things regenerative agriculture. Whether you are after guidance with your first tentative steps into the regenerative ag space through to detailed planning and insight the Regenerative has your back"

Property and Approvals Manager

Resource Client

“Soil health is imperative to our agriculture enterprise to which The Regenerative has been able to provide professional advice, holistic regenerative methods and as a bonus provided a profit and long term resilience to the business and landscape. Josh is open minded to new ideas and the latest research. He is a pleasure to work with.”

Lloyd Coleman

Farm Manager

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Our Eco Vision

Our vision is to enable nature and her ecosystem function which we are interconnected, is restored and regenerated through holistic thinking and practices.


Our passion is to work with clients to regenerate their land for the long-term, focusing on landscape function, soil health, biodiversity and conservation, environmental rehabilitation and regenerative farming.

Regeneration for the next generation

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